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In the interconnected global economy of today, how can you become a top sales performer with your company?

This is a pressing question for the salesperson who wants to innovate and stay abreast of today’s trends in sales, customer service, and telemarketing while still using proven sales methods to succeed.

At Training for Success, we work one-on-one with companies to bring out the best in their salespeople. We develop customized workshops tailored to each company and industry. Employees learn techniques to improve their performance in sales, telemarketing and customer service. With the application of sales training techniques, your team will increase productivity and will develop their ability to become top sales performers. Guaranteed.

Bolster the performance of your sales team today with one of our custom training programs.

Sales, Telemarketing, and Customer Service Training Workshops Tailored to Your Chicago Business

Our training programs include:

CUSTOMER SERVICE-Your sales team will develop effective communication skills. Reps will learn to put customers first and think from their point of view.

SALES TRAINING- Sales representatives will develop skills to build rapport with prospects, present information persuasively, communicate effectively, and successfully close.

TELEMARKETING- Reps learn skills specific only to outbound calling. They will learn how to perfect the script, handle objections, and utilize the power in the tone of their voice to communicate with prospects.

We strengthen all of our workshops with current real-world examples and also reinforce the techniques with role-playing exercises.

Prepare your sales team with the skills needed to get ahead of the game. Set yourself apart from your competition with a workshop geared towards the specific needs of your company and employees.

You will set the stage for your success, becoming a strong, independent, and resilient player in the modern-day world of sales.

Training for Success offers sales training, telemarketing training, and customer service training workshops throughout Chicago and its surrounding areas. Learn more today about how our workshops can improve your team’s performance. Call us today at 1-888-973-5569 or email us.